Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Power of Simplicity

The power of simplicity is its ability to untangle complexity.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where is the Present Moment?

I'm aware of a different relationship to Time emerging in my experience. That pre-thought knowledge has always been there; I just wasn't paying attention deeply enough. It's hard to describe, because the nature of Time is ephemeral.

Often, the hardest thing to do is to find a starting place to describe that which cannot ultimately be defined in words (at least not the words we currently use).

At one point, during the development of material for the Unleashing Originality workshop, Trudy, Linda and I recognized that to generate depth we had to put our attention on the goal itself. However we began was simply a place to start. We knew we would go somewhere, if we didn't concern ourselves with trying to get it "right," from the beginning. We trusted our commitment to go somewhere together and, interestingly, we did--every single time. This experience fuels my confidence these days: knowing everything is possible if we are willing to surrender to not knowing (paradoxical, but true).

All of which is not exactly on topic but is bringing me closer to being able to answer my question: "Where is the Present Moment?"

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sisterhood is Everything & More ...

Shortly after my return from the retreat in Tuscany, Linda, Trudy and I got together with Megan Dietz for coffee. We had a good time with Megan, discussing her inspired ideas to bring Bright Green into mainstream culture through workshops at universities. After Megan left the cafe, Linda, Trudy and I continued our conversation until closing time.

The cafe is on 40th Street close to Avenue of the Americas. Just before the subway entrance there's a storefront with a slightly recessed display window. Something made us stop in front the store and continue our conversation. Less than three feet away, a pile of black garbage bags spilled trash onto the street. All around us cars and buses honked as they travelled uptown along Sixth Avennue, or sped toward the east side on 40th Street.

And then, in a way that is always mysterious, it was as if our surroundings were like a parallel world, and everything we said fell into a space of depth and trust between us...lightness of being became present in each of us, and our words became interchangeable; and yet not. I cannot remember anything we said. I only remember the field of unity consciousness between us.

We stayed talking outside that shop front for nearly two hours. Reluctantly, we decided to part ways and head for home. Still, we didn't seem to want to separate. Trudy and I walked Linda to Port Authority where she had parked her car. Then we walked back to the red line and caught the subway together to the upper west side.

Little did we know, on that late summer evening, what would begin to create itself out of the emptiness we had experienced on West 40th Street, New York.

To be continued...